La Bastide du Baou offers you the following services if you wish:


Laundry, bed sheets and towels, are included in the rental, if during your stay you would like to change your bed sheets entirely or partially, please let us know:

  • Set of bed sheets 10€/bed
  • Set of bath towels 10€/person
  • Full set (sheets and towels) 18€/person

Thanks for noticing that if your stay is longer than 15 days, after 7 days, a full set will be given to you complimentary, for your comfort.


If you wish, during your stay, cleaning can be set up on request (30€/H)

Thanks for letting us know prior to your arrival or the day before.


Breakfast, if you want to order it, thanks to reserve breakfast prior to your arrival or the day before.

Continental breakfast (Price 10€/person) including:

  • One hot beverage
  • Bakery
  • Baguette
  • Honey, and homemade jam
  • Butter
  • Fresh orange juice

Breakfast will be brought to you, at the time of your choice (maximum until 10H30), to your accommodation.


Cold arrival plates (on request). All plates are homemade.

  • Delicatessen plate, baguette, butter, condiments.
  • Raw vegetables plates , served with white « fromage blanc » sauce and fresh herbs.
  • Cheese plate, butter, dry fruits.
  • Cookie, seasonal fruit.

(Please tell us about any allergies or special diets prior to your arrival)


You are in a calm and relaxing environment, enjoy and discover all the secrets of Ayurveda, the science of ancient life in India, to radiate your inner beauty and know the plants that correspond to you.

For treatments, or ayurvedic assessment, before your arrival, please contact your consultant at:
06 17 56 41 80.


Your accommodation at La Bastide du Baou, in the middle of peace and nature.